No Spark

Dear You,

You have no spark to me. Please do not force yourself to me.
I do not wish to be with you. You are a very great friend.


Hey Yo!

I went to Landmark just to buy a Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime. Oh God, it is the most amazing tea drink I've ever digested in my body.

I also went to Powerbooks to do some window shopping. I saw this book about the golden age of teen movies a.k.a John Hughes FILMS! ajsdhjshd. It's like a critic essay about it. It was quite expensive. I might as well search for an ebook or pdf about it instead, than to spend 600 bucks for it!

62012 (4)

I also went to AstroVision to see if they have a stocks for The Black Parade is Dead and Danger Days, and they do. But it's in a japansese format. Does that mean the dvds are japanese dubbed? oh God, PLEASE NO.

62012 (2)

62012 (3)

62012 (1)

Oh and BTW, I am thankful to have my own internet access BUT OH GOG, My mom picked the shittiest internet server.

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drawing desu yo


I finally drew something for the oekaki fc2. It's really cool. What I hate about it is that the pics that I draw do not upload directly to my blog entry. I had to print screen then upload the image. AGSF.

I'll probably post a lot of this. :D

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Tattooed on my Arms!

While resting from my haggardous project, I've been searching for Frank Iero's featured episode in L.A. Ink. I was inspired by Kat's designs and thus, I decided to interpret the beauty of tattoo art on to my arms and on my sis'.

photo 2

I used my sis' fancy Staedtler techpens. It was so flawless to use, It felt like pins were piercing on to my skin. Majestic much?!

photo 3

I tend to draw Frankie's name a lot with my fail typography, He is currently my new obsession.

photo 4

I am officially an emo kid. Hahaha. I've been listening to MCR a LOT lately. Dead! is my fave song from them. The Japanese sun is inspired by Iero's tattoo drawn on his wrist.

photo 1

This is my sister's arm. Hahaha. I've doodled on it a lot more. She was too sleepy to stop me from doing this. 'FUCK' is probably the new 'SHIT' for me. Motherfuckers.

The Devil's got your fucking number. Bitch.


PS: This <3 just made my day. I really like how sarcastic Steven is to Gerard. I do wish to have private make-up lessons with him.

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Me and my sister went to Starbucks a while ago. I had to do my design thing, I feel like I can concentrate on my tasks more if I do it somewhere outside our condo. I feel very distracted whenever I'm inside our unit.

starbucks2 (1)

I bought a green tea frap for myself and a choco-java frap (mind you, it tasted like crap) for my sis. My frap tasted like sea-weed when I was about to finish it. Haha!

starbucks2 (2)

I feel so professional! HAHAHA!

I realized that listening to rock songs makes me more very productive and chilled out.

Here's my playlist:

Don't Let Me Down | Beatles
Mardy Bum | Arctic Monkeys
Can't Stop | Red Hot Chilli Peppers
19 | Pencey Prep
Lloyd Dobbler | Pencey Prep
The End | MCR
Dead! | MCR
I Don't Love You | MCR
Na na na na na | MCR
Summertime | MCR
Mama | MCR

And many more. HAHA. I'll update you my music library soon. For now, I have to finish my final project! OHOHO.



Currently Listening to:
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Fanfics Reading:
Renegade Killjoy (MCR Fic)
- This totally gave me fandoms on MCR'S music vid NANANANANANA. I have an OC for this. <3 I'll tell you this soon.

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Real Self

I feel like my real self has finally come out of it's shell. I am quite thankful to the article I've read on how to talk people unawkwardly!

The secret is to ask questions that will lead the listener to an answer where in he/ she will be obliged to open up a story depending on the topic.

Mind over matter. Do not think awkwardly. Talk to them as though you are very interested in them.

Concentrate and breathe, RELAX AND SMILE

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Irony has it's own way on getting into situations. The only thing that we must do is to never expect. Expectations will only lead to intense pain and guilt.
When unexpected situations are met, we tend to get surprised and feel appalled by it's capacity.

In other words, there are certain things that are meant to be laughed upon.

Yes, this is what I am feeling right now.
To me, you are a JOKE, whose main goal is to be PITIED.


Music: 19 | Pency Prep

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Truth is...


I came from an all girls school when I was in high school.
I've been in a male over populated college for about 3 years and I'm still uncomfortable when I converse to them. I tend to have mental blocks sometimes. It actually depends. It's easier to talk to gay guys and guys who are really friendly and feminine than to guys who are very masculine. OH GOD.

And now a guy is jokingly flirting with me thru pm in facebook, and I do not know what to say. FUCK. I hate this.

I am quite naive at these kinds of stuff. OH GOG.

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Sleepless Adventures 1

Another sleepless night! It's a good thing I have my coffee and my chips to cheer me on!

I've been working on my Design project since the 6th week of this term. We were tasked to do Rizal's Museum which will be located in Mt. Makiling. It's very hard. Every detail made must have a specific concept about Rizal. The visitors of the museum must somehow grasp the feelings of what he felt when he was still alive. AFDGASFDGHD.

I am currently working on my 3D model. Hopefully I can finish this tomorrow because our power point presentation will be on MONDAAAY!

Requirements for PowerPoint presentation on June 18 and 20:
1. Concept drawings and explanation to form and plan 25pts
2. Site development plan 10pts
3. Model pictures 10pts
4. Plans 10pts
5. Sections with dimensions (2) 10pts
6. Exterior perspectives (2) 15pts
7. Interior perspectives (Lobby and Galleries) (2) 15pts
Semi-formal attire 5pts


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That Feeling, AGAIN!

That feeling.

There was once a guy who liked me for being me, things didn't worked out between us. I was so scared of people talking about us. So, I had to stay away from him. Months had past and I realized I loved him, but then he had already liked someone else.

It was hard. The pain that I felt inside me. The regret. My realization. He was my first love. And I've wasted it all. It was the first time I've experienced those dokidokimoments experienced in a typical shoujo manga. Haha.

Well, I've already moved on. I may have little feelings for him, but it will never be the same as I've felt before. What bothers me is that I've been sensing a lot of 'stuff about us' from my friends. My friends wants us to be paired up again. The teasing and the awkwardness is coming back again. Mind you, the last time they did that was 9 months ago? Why do they want to return those stuff again? Maybe because the girl who he used to court, rejected her? And he probably want me as a fall of?

Wow, that is very shitty. What a jerk. PFSH.

How can I remove these little feelings for him? It's really irritating!


I never knew that it is possible to edit photos here! Awesome!

Okay, I am in love with you Frankie Iero


Gog, I better change now for school now! I am so late!


why my iPhone sucks

My IPhone is such a kill joy. I cannot update my IOS to it's latest software, I have to stick with the old one. Due to that I cannot download fc2 app.
I am currently using my IPad for this.
It's better to have a handheld diary that you can bring anywhere for spontaneous blogging.

Hello Again!

It has been a while since I've posted something here.
I should stay on to this account and be active.


College is really fun. I've been closer to my fellow classmates in my design class and I am now open to some of my close friends on some certain things that would sometimes define me a weird pervert. I tend to pair up my guy classmates to their same sexes. Haha they think I'm weird, but who cares? This who I really am. I don't want people to think what they want to think of me. I want to be me, a weirdo who has random fandoms on My Chemical Romance's rhythm guitarist Frank Iero Haha.

Okay. Enough of this. I need to change my clothes for school.

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