Whatever Odds WE may FACE!

Whatever odds we may face, my love for him will stay stronger!
ASY <3


Yesterday while waiting for the rain to hinder it's heavy downpour, Me, Martin and his group mates we're stranded outside a little photocopying stand just below the Gil Puyat LRT station. Me and Martin were secretly holding hands. Looking at the view while the thick heavy rain pouring from the roof, felt so romantic! It made me feel as though I am a character from a cute korean / japanese drama! We even saw a construction crane on top of a building with lights, it looked like a cute constellation due to the heavy rain and wind. I even made a wish!

"I wish that my parents will accept my relationship with Martin and that my love for him will never stop!"


I just can't see why he has to be so insensitive. I know that they're getting close and all and he loved her before, still I am so jealous. It seems that their way of friendship is him making banat to her. :( (I saw him tweet to her saying 'banat ba yan?'. I noticed that he always replies to her tweets.
OUCH. I can feel my heart hurting. :( I know that I am his girlfriend but I don't think I have the right to control who he chooses to be his friends.

All I have to do is to trust him.

Mixed emotions.

I just don't know what to feel.
Do I like him?

No Spark

Dear You,

You have no spark to me. Please do not force yourself to me.
I do not wish to be with you. You are a very great friend.

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Kina E.

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